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32Red is a British online casino company licensed in Gibraltar.

Roulette Strategy published the following: "Over the years, we sent a lot of custom 32Red’s way so it came as quite a shock when we tried to login to our advertising account one day to find that it had been locked. To make matters worse, they didn’t even send us a courtesy email to tell us they’d done it – they literally just removed our account with no explanation. By locking our account, 32Red have robbed us of any potential money we’re owed on the players we’ve sent them in the past. We would not go so far as to say that 32Red is a scam because overall it is still a very good casino that many players love, but this shoddy treatment from their advertising department leaves us feeling like we’ve been ripped off. We certainly can’t recommend them anymore."


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Eddie Vabole says

"People please be fraud smart! This is the biggest scam of all time."

Jon Hopkins says

"Biggest scam you will come across on a gambling website. Only gives you 10% of what you win due to your bonus entitlement. AVOID, AVOID, AVOID."

Francis Mccaffrey says

"I swear,I thought virginbet was bad This site is absolutely horrendous"

Ambar Sajjad says

"Very poor customer service especially when coming to withdrawals will hold your money for as long as they can avoid this service"

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