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32Red is a British online casino company licensed in Gibraltar.

Roulette Strategy published the following: "Over the years, we sent a lot of custom 32Red’s way so it came as quite a shock when we tried to login to our advertising account one day to find that it had been locked. To make matters worse, they didn’t even send us a courtesy email to tell us they’d done it – they literally just removed our account with no explanation. By locking our account, 32Red have robbed us of any potential money we’re owed on the players we’ve sent them in the past. We would not go so far as to say that 32Red is a scam because overall it is still a very good casino that many players love, but this shoddy treatment from their advertising department leaves us feeling like we’ve been ripped off. We certainly can’t recommend them anymore."


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Songey says

"Every spins is a loser never win every time I bet on slot I lose a percentage each time not even a small win????"

deadspincity says

"Its just dead spin after dead spin and getting a free spin bonus lately is seriously like winning the lottery. Been a member for years and I cant understand how awful its become in the past year. Not just me others on forums and here on trustpilot are saying the same? Their RTP % is now one of the lowest in the industry at just over 94% so they must be struggling????"

Martin says

"No win slots are crap"

Joseph Martin says

"I deposited around £500 and didn’t get any recognisable wins they don’t offer a very good sign up bonus and I don’t advise to gamble at all because in my opinion it’s a waste of time but if I was I’d use a recognisable company like 32 red not firms like Lottomart big NO NO!!!!."

vinni devlin says

"i have been on and off 32 red spent lots of money came back to play regular about a month ago total scam £1000 put in no returns £50 at the most every day th same 50-100 spins nuthing not even 1% of my own money back !!! same game play every day most days different times nuthing !!!!! total scam 32 red is !!! why thy are aloud to take money every day and is a joke it should be investigated asap!!! left me angry and disappointed not to mention a big lump some gone from my bank !!!! scam scam robbing casino do not play if u want to keep money in ur bank . i wil review again at the off chance i wil get some of my hard earned cash back !!!! we shall see but don’t hold ur breaths. update 32 red have now closed my account just shows u u can’t be honest with them they go close u down £1000 better off from my money frauds shut them down asap"

Allan buchan says

"I had account with 32red I got email and sms from 32red to steal my identity 32red do not want to know about well they are the ones in possession of my details and obviously 32reds security has been breached avoid this company there's plenty better one like betfair or skybet"

valerie says

"I have not found this site very good. Yes, there are lots of games, but I have found them to take, take, take. With very little wins!!!!"

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